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Welcome to the website of Main Statistical Office in Lviv region!

Statistical data and other information presented on this site are accessible for you free of charge. You can order individual information, statistical issues and information – statistical products on a paid basis.

Main web page is divided into three main parts:
   central – contains operative information about the most important statistical indicators and latest news: express releases, press releases, announcements;
   left-side – includes a wide spectrum of statistical data, announcements, information about publications, and data on population census;
   right-side – presents different information for respondents, users and about statistical activity.

   What information can be found on our website?
(Some of it is in English and some in Ukrainian)

Statistical data

  Databases – statistical product that includes annual and operative information about main statistical indicators grouped by thematic sections which is presented by means of dynamic tables. Functioning is provided by the software products of PC-Axis family.

  Statistical information /ukr/ – annual and operative information is presented by statistical tables standardized by State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

  Region passport – informational databank on statistical indicators of Lviv region and its areas.

  Topics – statistical data presented by thematic sections. Each section contains statistical tables, databases, graphics etc. Statistical tables are presented as finished tables and contain the option "Build your table" that gives users a possibility to adjust the table according to their needs.

Analytical information

  Releases /ukr/ – operative information about specific actual questions based on the results of statistical observations.

  Monitoring of prices – is a graphical visualization of instability of prices on specific goods and services in Lviv region.

Reference information

  Statistics of names /ukr/ – databank that contains information on the history of appearance of personal names, their list, interpretation, birthday calendar, statistical data about newborns.

  Inflation calculator /ukr/ – an interactive service which permits to perform the calculation of the Consumer Price Index (inflation index) for any period.

  Publications /ukr/ – the section of the site, where one can find a list and summary of the official statistical publications of Main Statistical Office in Lviv region: statistical yearbooks, bulletins, economic reports, other publications and also to order them.

  Statistical yearbooks – are the main publications. Presented therein statistical tables, graphs and maps make it possible to comprehensively analyze the socio-economic processes that take place in Lviv region.

  For respondents /ukr/ – the section of the site, where statistical reporting forms, instructions on how to fill them out for their completion, information about the procedure and deadlines of the presentation of state reports, about introduction of electronic reporting are given.

  Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organisations of Ukraine /ukr/ – the section of the site, which contains normative and legal information on maintaining of the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine, data on the number of subjects in the registry, on procedures and conditions of providing users with information from it.

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The content and website design are copyrighted. The Materials on this Site (text, statistical tables, graphs, etc.) may be copied, stored in an electronic form, printed or transmitted to third parties provided the source citation from which the information was obtained – Main Statistics Office in Lviv region. Moreover, the source citation should include our Site's URL:


Confidentiality of statistical information is provided by the Law of Ukraine "On State Statistics" (Articles 21 and 22), according to which the primary data obtained by State Statistical bodies from the survey respondents are used solely for statistical purposes in aggregated impersonal form. Dissemination of statistical information, which could allow access to confidential statistical information concerning a particular respondent, is prohibited.



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